Writer—-Eric Shoars

Eric Shoars, Ph.D is a brilliant author. Not only does he captivate his readers by his descriptive writing style, he also adds humor to it.

He is an author of many books and also of blogs to share. His book “Triumph” is a must read for anyone wanting to discover triumphs in their lives.

My online review of “Triumph”

From the very beginning Eric Shoars’ book “Triumph: Winning Big in Life With Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance” the reader can sense the strong importance on how to step out of the box and face your fears and challenges. With many appropriate quotes, Eric illustrates that we as humans all have fears; we all tend to stay in the same place and not push forward. He aides in helping us find those barriers in our lives. My favorite quote in the book is “the shampoo life; wash, rinse and repeat” meaning that that is not life, it is existing. He challenges you to look at what took you off course. And the very importance of having a positive “I can do this” attitude. The book is very powerful in making those discoveries in your life and changing them. This, only we can do for ourselves. I love this quote the most: “Knowledge unshared is worthless. Build people up” while managing your own energy. I recommend it to all people no matter what age or situation you are in.

You can purchase Eric Shoars’ books on Amazon

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