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I have shared a number of experiences that have been about loss. Unfortunately, when you get older, you have more experiences watching the achievements of a life’s work and loves dissolve.  There are many types of loss and a personal friend of mine has been going through a very difficult time.  I just needed to share my experience and thoughts. Over these posts I have often mentioned working at local music stores and the benefit of knowing some awesome people. One of the friends I worked with for years and formed a great partnership “co-owning” the music store with all those years ago has had a devastating loss. As social media is …. he found out from friend’s texts and e-mails that while he was traveling, his house burnt down. His job is demanding and a lot of people depend on him to be there. He could not get home and…

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New Link and #DDOR

For those in Colorado that love to follow heavy metal rock genre and news surrounding it, The Weedily Deedily is all about that. Written weekly by Alterity, a “Delta Blues band from Denver”

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And Denver kicked off Memorial Day 2015 with Denver Day of Rock held by Amp the Cause:

Amp the Cause
Amp the Cause, formerly Concerts For Kids, is a Denver-based non-profit organization that raises funds for, and awareness of, local children’s charities. Christie and Walter Isenberg created Amp the Cause in 2004 with the vision of enriching the lives of children by supporting efforts in the areas of healthcare and education. Since its inception, Amp the Cause has changed significantly and developed into an organization that is not only known for its annual fundraising events, but is admired for its year-round involvement in the community. In just eleven years, Amp the Cause has distributed over $4.2 million in monetary and in-kind donations to beneficiaries.

It was a rainy day yesterday, May 23, 2015 by the Tabor Tower close to Skyline Park, but that didn’t stop many coming out for this great cause, including myself jumping through the sometimes deep puddles of water and wet feet. An awesome lineup of musicians and artists, some local and some not:

Lineup of artists and musicians

Personally, I love to go to as many Denver music fests as possible in the summer. There are many every year and just bring a rain poncho..just in case.

Denver Day of Rock




Video of the many people there and St. Paul and the Broken Bones on stage