Boston Musician—My Silent Bravery

I had the pleasure of working with My Silent Bravery and Matthew Wade years ago when scouting for labels. Matthew has a “Pay it Forward” concept with his music now after overcoming a personal injury. His unique sound and determination is what keeps My Silent Bravery going and doing so well all this time.

Billboard Magazine states, “My Silent Bravery plays like a major label signing, from its production savvy, eloquent lyrics, authoritative imaging, polished web site, a dedicated Northeast U.S. fan following, merchandising, and most important, a chockablock collection of winning songs. My Silent Bravery is destined to make major noise.”

At this time of writing, My Silent Bravery has a new album out “Diamond From Coal” and can be purchased on

My Silent Bravery cover

My Silent Bravery – Amazing Remix (Kool Kojak & Alvez Presely Remix)

My Silent Bravery’s website

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