Texas Musician—Kenosis Dean

As always, I am looking for creative art people globally wanting to share their passion to the world. It is not an easy thing to do during these economic times and so this website (and larger one connected) is a free platform to bring those “up front” and do my best in showcasing their talent.

I recently met Texas born musician, Kenosis Dean on Twitter and was taken away by his talent. And not only that but his sincerity, his heart, his passion. No matter what age, gender, location or genre, if it touches me I am sure that others will be touched, as well.

Kenosis is a proud husband and father and Christian artist. He is real and down to earth and here is some more about him:

Kendall Dean started singing in Churches in Texas at a young age. He fully understands that his gifts and talents are not his own, and are nothing more than opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Kendall has had the chance to open for major artists in the Christian music industry. Musical influences include  LeCrae, Mercy Me, Tenth Ave North, Disciples, Sidewalk Prophets and many more. It is Kendall’s personal mission to awake lukewarm Christians, he says he’s spent a large amount of time being lukewarm himself and knows the dangers that await. Kendall is married to Amy Dean, he is a full time college minister at the Muskogee Church of Christ and also a traveling speaker and musician. His set list includes; “All about love”, “Here’s my life”, “Water”, “Never leave you”, “Great in me”, “Home”, and “Light for You”.

” It is in our struggles that we label ourself as different but it is at the cross that we see we are all the same”.~~ Kendall Dean

Kendall Dean Reverbnation

Reverbnation Kendall Dean “The World Has Lost It’s Way”

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