Pay it Forward project journey—Blog

For years, I have always had a heart for indie musicians. Even after scouting for major labels, I continued to do it as a non-paying passion. I work a regular job during the day (which I love and is really busy) and had some extra time on my hands to “step out of my comfort zone” which was basically Facebook and before that, Myspace.

My parents gave me the biggest gift in being an artist myself. Not that I can sing like they did or do artwork like my sister, Aunt and my Mom. But was gifted with the love of it and helping indie artists reach their goals. So, basically I felt pulled to go out into cyberspace and different territories to find what was out there.

It was not the easiest journey. Long nights, a few skeptic critics thinking that I was doing this for myself, but no matter what, I kept at it in my spare time.  I wanted to show those that were following, what kind of music scene Denver and all of Colorado, has. The musicians, the artists, the culture, the venues–Red Rocks Amphitheatre?– there is nothing more beautiful than that. A huge history of famous musicians coming out of Colorado or whom have chosen to make Colorado their home. And newer music comes to Denver with many projects happening this year with the filming industry, as well. Snowman Films is amazing and great photographers like DustinJackPhotography being one of my favorites.

Also, now that I am getting older and seeing many people struggle from the nation’s poor economy slide, watching others helping others brought me to tears at times. The beauty of Paying it Forward is that it can be a compliment, a smile, a “how are you today?” or more than that in donations for those in need. That was the key ingredient for me in looking at the world a little less angry and more compassionate. In this process, I saw that life is so short and no matter how badly it gets for us, there is always someone else out there fighting for and enjoying their life for many different reasons. Battle with cancer, loved ones passing away, loss of jobs, homes and dignity. But yet they rise again.

Someone said “In a year from now, do you really think this will matter?” and my answer, to some, if not just one..kindness always is remembered. I remember those whom have helped me in rough times so this is my pay back by Paying Forward. The best thing is, I’m just one. Many Pay it Forward people are out there and thank God for that.


I will update this site weekly and add calendar of events, BandsinTown concerts and live videos, pictures for this summer’s concerts.

It has been a pleasure!

Thank you for stopping by 2015PayItForward! Will get back with you quickly.

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