Denver Musician–Colin Patrick

Colin Patrick puts a smile on my face as well as many other of his listeners. He not only has his own unique style and talent, his personality does not hold him or his newly put together band, Lovelorn Regal, back at all. Colin is very straight forward and knows what he wants. And what I hear from Colin’s music is a desire to please not just the upbeat pop, acoustic fans but also a more subtle, smooth Gavin DeGraw-like fans. He is a very versatile and driven artist.

More on Colin Patrick:

Colin Patrick

COLIN PATRICK currently resides in Denver, CO. He learned to play guitar and write songs whilst recovering from a soccer injury he suffered in college. Patrick had dreams of playing professional soccer one day, but it was not meant to be, his love of music and songwriting took precedence, and he began to write and record.
An un-trained guitarist and vocalist, Patrick crafts his sound with hypnotic dexterity and warm familiarity—his mix of pop, folk, blues and psychedeliaappeals to a wide range of listeners, and has helped to gain him national recognition for his songwriting. Seemingly so, he too is catching the eyes and ears of local musicians alike—and they are listening—Colin Patrick won the honor of being Colorado’s solo-artist of the year in December 2012. Today he puts most of his energy into writing as front man for newly formed LOVELORN REGAL.
With the increasing national buzz around the Denver music scene, LOVELORN REGAL hopes to keep it on the map with their self-released debut album, LAST CALL. Patrick wrote and produced the album alongside friends and session musicians/engineers Andrew Serr and Chris Carter. All works were complete at Serr Studio, in Parker CO.
LAST CALL now in stores everywhere. On iTunes and Spotify February, 2015.

LoveLorn Regal
"Last Call" Reverbnation

Visit Lovelorn Regal’s sites:

Lovelorn Regal Website

Lovelorn Regal Twitter Page

Lovelorn Regal Facebook Page

Lovelorn Regal Instagram Page

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