Denver Musician—Katey Laurel

Katey is one of the most ambitious musicians I know from Denver. She is constantly challenging herself and raising the bar by enrolling in top musician contests, collaborating with other top musicians and markets herself very well. And her talent just grabs the listener into her music.

The artistic roots of singer-songwriter Katey Laurel are both deep and diverse. Born to free-spirited, nature-loving parents in the early 1980s, she spent the first years of her life traveling coast-to-coast in a Volkswagen bus. When her family eventually made a lifestyle change from the freewheeling hippie life to settling on a ranch in rural Colorado, the more isolated environment left Katey’s young imagination craving input.  She turned to creative pursuits to fill the void. A lover of horses from an early age, she began drawing and painting her equine muses, and also began studying piano.

Katey’s newest project is her “Periscope–The Remix Project” which you can purchase here on her website.

Katey Laurel Periscope

One of my favorites of Katey’s is her “Hurricane” single

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