Blog—-The Journey of Life

I almost never blog on my own personal feelings. Not that anyone else could ever see. Its great therapy to journal your thoughts every day, whether it’s a good day or a trying time, those are the wonders of life.

What started out as a vision, a pulling of the heart, a determination to do my part in any small minute way to encourage others, to lift them up, to have them Pay it Forward, has been so awesome and magical to watch. Indie musicians and artists that I’ve had the pleasure to meet and blog about on this site, some of their goals are coming true and they are working hard with much progress. Surely not because of my belief in them, that was just an addition…..encouragement from this end saying “I KNOW you can do it! You have to know that, too”, but because most importantly that the desire to make their goals remains inside them every breathing moment of the day. That pushes them. They start to see that they had it in them all the time, they just needed to find it, let go of the fear, not putting it off, stepping out and doing it. I applaud that and always will. It inspires me.

But, for those that get discouraged along the way (and that happens. It is part of the journey) and need to “be still”, not get caught up in the world’s hurry and constant changing, this is my message to you.

I get there, too. We are all human and need to listen to what our hearts are saying. If they say things such as “I don’t know if I’ll make this” or “My mind needs to be cleared from the noise”, “I need to do what’s best for me”, that is totally okay.

If you are in that questionable place in life right now or have been there and know that feeling….don’t look at how far you have to go still, take a look back and see how far you’ve come.

Always remember the reason/s of why you started your journey and it will come back to you.

Thank you for stopping by 2015PayItForward! Will get back with you quickly.

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