Update on site

Two sites,  two together

“Two is better than one”, “One is thee loneliest…” all kinds of two quotes. But yes, 2015payitforward has officially joined with http://payitforward2015.org/wordpress/

with the hopes of bringing a lot more media to the sites including:

  • Featured Musicians (still)
  • Featured Artists
  • Featured Writers

and a newer powerful presence in Colorado and that is film making. Videography, photographers, etc. have always added life to music. The term most used in 2015 is “project” and there are many.

The many concerts, big and small, all over but mainly focusing on Colorado’s beautiful venues and many local and international musicians coming this summer.

Myself, personally, I hibernate in the winters and rarely ever stay home in the summer time. Concerts and being outdoors is what helps me breathe.

We are always looking for indie musicians to help spotlight and truly believe in Pay it Forward which this (now two) site was based upon.

Helping one another in a world that is going by so fast that we want to share every minute of it with you.

Filming of concerts, photos of travel, joining with other Pay it Forward people in the hopes that ripples of kindness will continue. Technology is awesome but I want to experience that in person and share and look forward to hearing all of your journeys, as well.

Stay tuned!!


* Coming up. Will be at Denver Day of Rock May 23rd, 2015. It is a great cause and group of people helping others.

Denver Day of Rock’s Website



Thank you for stopping by 2015PayItForward! Will get back with you quickly.

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