Denver Musician–Joshua Grey

Yet another very talented indie musician from Denver, Colorado..Joshua Grey. I trust my gut instincts when listening to an artist or musicians in a band. The one that says “this artist has that drive and passion, along with great talent, that will take them far in their goals”. Joshua’s unique vocals stuck out to me as just that and am excited for him to continue to pursue his goals. He is very dedicated and has a story to tell in his music.

More on Joshua:

From humble beginnings, singer/songwriter Joshua Grey has emerged as one of Denver’s most recognizable young artists. With his debut single “Sanctified” he has captured the attention of a city in desperate need for heart filled and passionate music. Joshua’s ‘Storytelling’ style of writing comes down to one simple cause “my goal isn’t to write a catchy hook with no substance I want people to not only hear what I’ve gone through, I want them to feel it”. With nothing to lose Joshua Grey plans to take colorful Colorado by storm in the summer of 2015


Joshua Grey



Joshua Grey’s Reverbnation “Sanctified”

To know more about Joshua and his music to come, please check out his Facebook page