Blog—-The Journey of Life

I almost never blog on my own personal feelings. Not that anyone else could ever see. Its great therapy to journal your thoughts every day, whether it’s a good day or a trying time, those are the wonders of life.

What started out as a vision, a pulling of the heart, a determination to do my part in any small minute way to encourage others, to lift them up, to have them Pay it Forward, has been so awesome and magical to watch. Indie musicians and artists that I’ve had the pleasure to meet and blog about on this site, some of their goals are coming true and they are working hard with much progress. Surely not because of my belief in them, that was just an addition…..encouragement from this end saying “I KNOW you can do it! You have to know that, too”, but because most importantly that the desire to make their goals remains inside them every breathing moment of the day. That pushes them. They start to see that they had it in them all the time, they just needed to find it, let go of the fear, not putting it off, stepping out and doing it. I applaud that and always will. It inspires me.

But, for those that get discouraged along the way (and that happens. It is part of the journey) and need to “be still”, not get caught up in the world’s hurry and constant changing, this is my message to you.

I get there, too. We are all human and need to listen to what our hearts are saying. If they say things such as “I don’t know if I’ll make this” or “My mind needs to be cleared from the noise”, “I need to do what’s best for me”, that is totally okay.

If you are in that questionable place in life right now or have been there and know that feeling….don’t look at how far you have to go still, take a look back and see how far you’ve come.

Always remember the reason/s of why you started your journey and it will come back to you.


Business of Music——Blog

Recently I had the thrill of going to Nashville, Tennessee “Music City” to see all the things I had always heard about as an A&R scout years back and from working with musicians one-on-one. It was a quick one; the first day was spent in learning the business of being a songwriter with Broadcast Music, Inc. and the last part, going to and seeing for myself all the great music places in history and respecting every part of that.


Music has been a huge part of my life since I was a kid. I was born into a musical family with it around me all the time. I loved it and thought everyone’s home was just like our’s. I can remember going to the local City music theater at an early age of 5 and watching my Dad performing in the “Music Man”. I danced around the place as if I were in it, too. A seed planted in my heart back then that has never left.Nashville

I have been an A&R scout for Arista and J Records/MLS from 2005-2010, a marketing representative intern for Atlantic and now with BMI as a marketing representative. In my spare time, that is me, music. That is the way #Payitforward2015 started in January of this year and has grown. I have seen the many hours songwriters put into their day, their goals, their dreams. And I have also seen that the music industry is probably one of the most competitive industries there are around. It is difficult to get into and get the royalties for their hard work and many keep a “day job” for sometimes years, before they get that much awaited chance to get “in the door” and start working with professionals that help hone their creative gift of talent.

Music touches us all. It reaches out in times of celebration and times of hardship and no matter what age, gender or genre…it gives us Hope. I know we listen to a song on the radio or through our tech gadgets now and we never really think about the business side of the music.

The business side of the music is a foremost first for any musician that wants to share their talent with many others. Especially in our economic times when music is ever-changing any way and many start up a new music platform or business group or label only to have it fall through in sales months later. Business planning, even if you are an indie singer-songwriter with no manager, no label and love playing concerts at local venues, all need to know the legalities of copyrights on up to publishing to collaborations to booking gigs at venues, play time on radio, live streaming and music downloads.

Every time, a songwriter needs to keep track (if they are on their own) of how many times and where their songs are played. This way they can get paid for their songs they write and are copyrighted.

There are many questions and many answers to specifics and I will use BMI’s information for all to follow from “Why License?” to publishing and co-publishing to royalties.

Start here: Why License?


And to BMI’s Live. Which is a really beneficial way for touring musicians to get paid their share of royalties and it can even be done with Mobile Apps.

There are many music platforms out there today, new and some that have been around for years. BMI has been around since 1939 as a PRO (Performing Rights Organization) and you don’t need a publishing company to get paid your royalties.


In addition: In my own opinion, after watching artists, bands grow or unfortunately fail to reach their goal is because of the important connection between artist and fans.  THANK YOUR FANS! Even if it means setting up a system that works for you and your music schedule to where you let them know that they are very appreciated. It means the world to them, it really does. I can (almost) guarantee that an artists’ fan base will grow much quicker by contacting them on a steady basis, whether it’s a newsletter, a blog subscription and/or special little perks that make their day.

If you show them your appreciation (they helped you get to where you are), they will be a fan for life and word of mouth is the best marketing out there from one fan to many others.

Next up:

1) More Featured Artists and Bands

2) Live reviews with video and pictures of some of the concerts I have personally been to this far including Tori Kelly, Denver Day of Rock, half of Rob Thomas’ and more from last summer here in Denver including Rod Stewart and Carlos Santana.

New Link and #DDOR

For those in Colorado that love to follow heavy metal rock genre and news surrounding it, The Weedily Deedily is all about that. Written weekly by Alterity, a “Delta Blues band from Denver”

Weedily Deedily Newsletter


And Denver kicked off Memorial Day 2015 with Denver Day of Rock held by Amp the Cause:

Amp the Cause
Amp the Cause, formerly Concerts For Kids, is a Denver-based non-profit organization that raises funds for, and awareness of, local children’s charities. Christie and Walter Isenberg created Amp the Cause in 2004 with the vision of enriching the lives of children by supporting efforts in the areas of healthcare and education. Since its inception, Amp the Cause has changed significantly and developed into an organization that is not only known for its annual fundraising events, but is admired for its year-round involvement in the community. In just eleven years, Amp the Cause has distributed over $4.2 million in monetary and in-kind donations to beneficiaries.

It was a rainy day yesterday, May 23, 2015 by the Tabor Tower close to Skyline Park, but that didn’t stop many coming out for this great cause, including myself jumping through the sometimes deep puddles of water and wet feet. An awesome lineup of musicians and artists, some local and some not:

Lineup of artists and musicians

Personally, I love to go to as many Denver music fests as possible in the summer. There are many every year and just bring a rain poncho..just in case.

Denver Day of Rock




Video of the many people there and St. Paul and the Broken Bones on stage


Update on site

Two sites,  two together

“Two is better than one”, “One is thee loneliest…” all kinds of two quotes. But yes, 2015payitforward has officially joined with

with the hopes of bringing a lot more media to the sites including:

  • Featured Musicians (still)
  • Featured Artists
  • Featured Writers

and a newer powerful presence in Colorado and that is film making. Videography, photographers, etc. have always added life to music. The term most used in 2015 is “project” and there are many.

The many concerts, big and small, all over but mainly focusing on Colorado’s beautiful venues and many local and international musicians coming this summer.

Myself, personally, I hibernate in the winters and rarely ever stay home in the summer time. Concerts and being outdoors is what helps me breathe.

We are always looking for indie musicians to help spotlight and truly believe in Pay it Forward which this (now two) site was based upon.

Helping one another in a world that is going by so fast that we want to share every minute of it with you.

Filming of concerts, photos of travel, joining with other Pay it Forward people in the hopes that ripples of kindness will continue. Technology is awesome but I want to experience that in person and share and look forward to hearing all of your journeys, as well.

Stay tuned!!


* Coming up. Will be at Denver Day of Rock May 23rd, 2015. It is a great cause and group of people helping others.

Denver Day of Rock’s Website



“Stay hungry, stay foolish and challenge yourself”

The site was just launched and already have seen the ripple effect of people wanting more. More kindness, more commitment, more willing to take risks and chances.

I am the type of person that stands on the side, applauding and encouraging all artists to “Go for it! Take a chance, step out of that box. What do you have to lose?” and loving watching them shine as they continue to go in their passion.

Don’t ever give up. That is not an option. Let the world see how beautiful you are and let them hear your stories in your talent.

Molly Moore

My Silent Bravery

Lynne Jackaman

Katey Laurel

Jason Vigil

Adrienne O

Alex G 

Pay it Forward project journey—Blog

For years, I have always had a heart for indie musicians. Even after scouting for major labels, I continued to do it as a non-paying passion. I work a regular job during the day (which I love and is really busy) and had some extra time on my hands to “step out of my comfort zone” which was basically Facebook and before that, Myspace.

My parents gave me the biggest gift in being an artist myself. Not that I can sing like they did or do artwork like my sister, Aunt and my Mom. But was gifted with the love of it and helping indie artists reach their goals. So, basically I felt pulled to go out into cyberspace and different territories to find what was out there.

It was not the easiest journey. Long nights, a few skeptic critics thinking that I was doing this for myself, but no matter what, I kept at it in my spare time.  I wanted to show those that were following, what kind of music scene Denver and all of Colorado, has. The musicians, the artists, the culture, the venues–Red Rocks Amphitheatre?– there is nothing more beautiful than that. A huge history of famous musicians coming out of Colorado or whom have chosen to make Colorado their home. And newer music comes to Denver with many projects happening this year with the filming industry, as well. Snowman Films is amazing and great photographers like DustinJackPhotography being one of my favorites.

Also, now that I am getting older and seeing many people struggle from the nation’s poor economy slide, watching others helping others brought me to tears at times. The beauty of Paying it Forward is that it can be a compliment, a smile, a “how are you today?” or more than that in donations for those in need. That was the key ingredient for me in looking at the world a little less angry and more compassionate. In this process, I saw that life is so short and no matter how badly it gets for us, there is always someone else out there fighting for and enjoying their life for many different reasons. Battle with cancer, loved ones passing away, loss of jobs, homes and dignity. But yet they rise again.

Someone said “In a year from now, do you really think this will matter?” and my answer, to some, if not just one..kindness always is remembered. I remember those whom have helped me in rough times so this is my pay back by Paying Forward. The best thing is, I’m just one. Many Pay it Forward people are out there and thank God for that.


I will update this site weekly and add calendar of events, BandsinTown concerts and live videos, pictures for this summer’s concerts.

It has been a pleasure!

Blog—-Join others in National Pay it Forward Day 4/30/2015

You can join in with others for National Pay It Forward Day 2015

and this is how:

The Pay it Forward Foundation

Pay It Forward was one boy’s idea…an idea that sparked a movement. 

Established in September of 2000, the Pay It Forward Foundation was established by Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of the inspirational novel Pay It Forward, as a way to inspire a movement of people, all around the world, to show acts of kindness for others. 

The Pay It Forward Foundation is a 501 c 3 charitable organization. Your financial gifts to support our work are tax deductible. 
Our primary work is encouraging and inspiring acts of kindness, as well as providing copies of the Young Readers Edition of Pay It Forward for use in schools and other learning environments. 

What will you do to Pay It Forward and start a ripple effect of good deeds?  Show your support and commitment to the movement by wearing theofficial Pay It Forward bracelet. Order yours today!