2015Payitforward has a two-fold mission. It started as a desire to help encourage indie musicians, artists and writers to not give up on their dreams and goals. Many do because of the world’s obligations in working to pay for their day-to-day living and not having the time nor the expenses to create.

Creativity is a powerful entity whether doing it alone or with a group. Creativity is an artist of any kind expressing  feelings through their art. When that happens and people listen to a song or read or see a painting, they identify with it. They see, hear or read something that speaks to their soul.

The second part of this platform’s purpose is to pay forward kindness in whatever way, whether it be donating for projects, creating fundraisers for charities or simply just a smile or a word of encouragement to help build up each other in a world that can be negative at times.

If you have a link or organization that you know of  that aids other’s needs or is a topic of awareness and would like to share it on the website, please contact us and we will put it up:

Thank you for stopping by 2015PayItForward! Will get back with you quickly.

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