London Musician—Lynne Jackaman

Somewhere between 2005-2006, I found soulful lead vocalist Lynne Jackaman on You tube. At the time, I was an A&R for some major labels and that was my job. To find “young, singer-songwriter, indie” artists. I loved her and her band mates, Saint Jude, right away and contacted her. Since then, we keep in contact no matter where she is or I am.

About Lynne:

Lynne Jackaman: 

Maximum British Rock and Soul!

Saint Jude are a London-based rock and soul band fronted by vocalist Lynne Jackaman. Saint Jude are easily one of the rock industry’s most hotly-tipped acts. Recently nominated Best New Band at the 2011 Classic Rock magazine Roll of Honour, the ferociously talented six-piece are fresh from a whirlwind summer circuit that included the UK’s Guilfest, Cornbury, Sonisphere, and High Voltage festivals where they positively brought the house down on the main stage. Spearheaded by the jaw-dropping vocal talents of soul diva Lynne Jackaman, whose breathtaking range and delivery has invited comparisons to everyone from Janis Joplin to Tina Turner to Aretha Franklin, her voice is truly once in a generation, and her collaborations with artists as diverse as Ray Lamontagne, Snoop Dogg, and Frankie Miller speak volumes about her abilities. Backed up by a Hammond B-fuelled tight-as-a-drum five-piece that conjure The Faces one moment and the Black Crowes or the Allman Brothers the next, Saint Jude are easily one of the UK’s hottest talents.

~Michalis Limnios

I totally agree. She is still making great music, still in London and we still connect. She has an upcoming single to be released “You Can’t Take Back

You can purchase it on itunes

Lynne, Saint Jude and Ronnie Woods

With band Saint Jude and Ronnie Woods

My favorite of all of her videos:

UPDATE on Lynne June 2015

Her latest EP "No Halo" is out to buy and listen to June 21, 2015
Her latest EP “No Halo” is out to buy and listen to June 21, 2015

Lynne has a new EP that she has been working on and so excited for titled “No Halo”. Check it out on Ebay , Amazon and Lynne’s website.

and online review of the single on “Louder Than War” editor Martin Haslam.  

It is getting great reviews and selling quickly. Be sure to check it out!

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