Denver Musician—–Jason Vigil

Anyone who has enjoyed Colorado’s music scene for years, knows the name Jason Vigil. He has been in Colorado doing what he loves, making music and recently has been working on new projects with a trio band. I know that when I heard his music play, I would smile right away because I knew who it was.

More on Jason and his Quote at the bottom, I love: 

• A Colorado native,  Jason Vigil is a singer/songwriter that has played the Denver region and toured nationally for the past 8 yrs. 

• Nominated Denver’s best singer/songwriter in 2008 by Westword Magazine.

• Plays over 210 shows a year.

• He has shared the stage with national acts such as The Gin Blossoms, Colin Hay (Men at Work), Edwin McCain, Need To Breathe, Alpha Rev, The Proclaimers, Corey Smith and several others.

• Released his first CD “Heart Gone Sober” in 2006 followed up by, “Sometimes Always” in 2008.

• Has had national radio air play success with college stations and air play on Denver Hot A/C and Alternative stations.

“Two years after releasing his second CD, “Sometimes Always”, Jason decided to take a step back from his original project and refocus his direction in life and music.  He succeeded in his goal of earning a living through playing music, by performing 90s cover songs in a few different bands, (The JV3, The Power Strangers, The Brown Stripes and solo-acoustically as, Jason Vigil) gaining even more experience as a performer and honing his skills as a musician, vocalist and songwriter.

As of Late, Jason has begun recording the songs he’s written over the past couple years with plans to release them under his new solo project, Jason Aaron.  He says,

“Sometimes you take what you have lived through, good and bad, what you’ve learned, and put that into the things you create.  The best is when you make something positive and it affects someone in a good way, for any amount of time.  I would love the music I create to do that for someone. ”

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